Accounts Plus service

Helping your business to grow.

Do you feel that you don’t get any value from your annual accounts?  Are they always prepared several months after the end of the financial year by which time things have moved on a lot so they are largely irrelevant?

Our Accounts Plus service is designed to give your business value from the process of preparing accounts.  It uses the latest online accounts software to streamline the whole accounts production process so that you receive not only annual accounts but also interim management reports from us during the year.  

Optionally, you can add key performance indicator reports and continual forecasting to enhance your financial reporting to a higher level, so you’ll know where how your business has been doing and how it is forecast to do in the future.

This means you have much more relevant information at your fingertips from which to run your business.  You will also meet up with us at least twice a year so we can help you plan your way forward.

We set ourselves the target of producing management reports within just one month of the end of the period.  Annual accounts are prepared within 3 months of the year end. You will know your tax position months ahead of the due date!

There are 3 levels of service to choose from:

Bronze level: We keep your bookkeeping up-to-date and we give you interim management reports.

Silver level: As for Bronze level with the addition of Key Performance Indicator Reporting (KPI) using FUTRLI software.

Gold level: As for Silver level with the addition of Continual Forecasting using FUTRLI software.

Whichever level you choose, our work can be done monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or six monthly.